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Treatments at Le-mya
Pre and Post Care

Specifically referring to our Lira Corrective Peels and Skin Needling Treatments

Pre Treatment Checklist

For 7 Days Prior

  • Avoid waxing, electrolysis, Laser hair Removal, prescribed retinoids, Retinol, AHA's, BHA's, Benzoyl Peroxide, any exfoliating products that may dry your skin.

  • Avoid excessive sun exposure, if sunburnt the procedure will not be able to be performed

For 14 Days Prior

  • MUST be on Lira Clinical Core 4 Homecare prior to commencing a Lira Clinical Peel with the exception of Lira Vita

  • Brite and Probiotic Power treatments)

  • Avoid Microdermabrasion, Chemical peels, Dermaplaning, Lasers, Cosmetic Injectibles, Skin Needling, Hair Bleaching, Hair Removal Creams and Home Rollers


  • If you have medical cosmetic facial procedures you must wait until skin sensitivity completely resolves before having a
    Professional Resurfacing Treatment and written consent from a

  • Doctor.

  • For any hydroquinone use you cannot have a peel for a minimum of 12 weeks post-finishing use

  • Any Covid 19 exposure, due for or had boosters/vaccinations are advised to not have a clinical peel for a minimum of 3 weeks either side, if not longer

After Care Checklist

  • It is imperative that you use the prescribed Lira Clinical Homecare, including a must-have BIO Health Balm.

  • DO NOT pick or pull at your skin, this could cause post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation PIP which LE-MYA STUDIO is not liable for.

  • When Cleansing do not use a scrub or washcloth

For 48 Hours

  • No unprotected sun exposure or sitting outside for prolonged periods of time while the skin is responding.

  • Avoid strenuous exercise

For 7 Days

  • No Vitamin A formulations are to be used.

  • No Exfoliation. Masks or Active products including chemical SPF outside of Lira are to used, Doing so can cause unexpected outcomes which LE-MYA STUDIO wont be liable for.

  • Wait until all flaking and peeling is complete before returning to you regular home care.

  • No waxing, Laser Hair Removal, Prescribed Retinoids, Retinol, AHA's, BHA's, Benzoyl Peroxide, or any exfoliating products.

For 14 Days

  • Avoid Micro Dermabrasion, Dermaplaning, Lasers, Cosmetic Injectibles, Skin Needling, Home Rollers.

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