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Aduro Personal LED Home Mask
  • Aduro Personal LED Home Mask

    Our Medical Grade LED Mask offers 11 unique treatment settings using 8 individual primary and secondary colour light wavelengths that have been designed to target specific dermal layers to match your skin concerns all year round!


    Trusted by Australia’s most acclaimed beauty industry professionals, plastic surgeons and dermal therapists, A* List celebrities, and thousands of personal home users in Australia and worldwide.


    You have the option of using your rechargeable Personal LED Mask hands free anywhere, anytime and you can even take it in your carry on luggage when travelling!

    • Home Care

      • Always double cleanse your skin with a gel or foaming cleanser before using your mask. 
      • Always keep your mask laying flat. 
      • Clean your mask after every use (baby wipes are great)
    • Other Uses

      • Aduro home mask is flexable making it able to be used on other parts of the body. 
      • For example if you have injured your shoulder or knee pop it on pain blocker
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